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150T Anchor Handling Towing Winch has normal operation

We signed the contract of 150T AHT Winch project dated on July 20th, 2009. All the hydraulic elements and electric elements are Chinese brand. so far this is the first 150T AHT winch we designed and manufactured by ourselves. This winch is driven by 7 two-speed motors, have low-middle-high three speed selection. Double drum, waterfall type, the lower drum is used for anchor lifting, and the upper drum is used for towing. And the upper drum is with the auto-spooling device, which can help the drum to wind the wires smoothly. Additionally, this winch has the function of local and remote control, can realize the switch of local and remote, the remote control in our design adopts the PLC technology, which can avoid the crew's wrong operation so that cause the bad result. After one year designing and manufacturing, this winch has been approved by ABS and successfully handed over to the ship owner. This is the first big winch project we made, which help us establish a massy foundation to make the bigger and better equipments. We believe we have the ability to make the winch better and better in the near future.

Submit Time:2012-4-18 22:56:03