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APL will Invest In 32 New Ships In Next 3 Years

Recently, APL, which is the world's seventh largest container shipping carrier, announced an aspiring emissions reduction plan. They aim to reduce 30% carbon emissions during their shipping business compared with 2009.

It is reported that the company will invest 32 new ships. In addition, application for improving fuel efficiency of ship design and the slowdown will also help the company to achieve its goals.

The chairman Kenneth Glenn said:" our fleet image is transforming to large-scale and high-efficiency, which will make the greatly reduced emissions." He also said:" this is the most effective way to realize environmental protection and sustainable methods of global trade."

According to introduction of APL, in 2015, the company's carbon emissions per mark box/sea will be reduced to 130grams, which is According to the general ships, in 2015 the company every mark box/sea resulting carbon emissions will be reduced to 130grams, which is 30% reduced than in 2009 for the first time the company auditor carbon footprint.

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