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Safety is the most important point to a car for it refers to life, and brakes play a critical role, the loss of life occurs just in 0.5 second because of bad brakes. There are three key points that affects the function of brakes: Hardness, Heat dissipation ability, friction ability. The brake disc materials are perfected matched on these aspects through strict ingredient proportion.

Function:Disc Brake, especially for Race Car, Luxury Sedan, lead material of Auto Brake Disc.

Ingredient:An Alloy of Copper, Chrome, Silicon, Gray Cast Iron, in different proportion.


1.Light: Quick braking and speeding up can be realized because of light material.

2.Heat Dissipation Feature: Special material makes the disc dissipate quickly.

3.Superb Friction Ability: Subtle metal proportion enables the Disc friction kindly.

4.The material is environment-protected.

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