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The world's first "solid foam" spray fire extinguishing installations come out in Shanxi

Recently, on the appraisal meeting held in Xi'an, the world's first "solid foam" spray fire extinguishing installations through the assessment, the experts agreed that this invention is the world's original, the overall technology has reached international advanced level. This innovation, Xi'an the Hsinchu Group jointly Navy Institute researchers, after three years of painstaking research, and successfully developed. R & D, they are bold and get rid of the conventional existing fire extinguishing technology, pioneering aviation supersonic jet and water mist fire suppression technology grafted together to produce a unique effect of the three worlds.

Countries in the world of fire extinguishers only spit out the moisture content of the "wet foam" bubble fragile, difficult to give full play to the fire-fighting performance. This technology can be ejected without dynamic flow of water solid foam, firmly adhere to the body of fire, fire "dead stick", and "crushed". Fire extinguishing installations around the world, generally sprayed from top to bottom, the rate of fire is small, weak penetration of flame. This technology allows the foam directly through the flame, and launched into the root of the flame and the "heart" part of a three-dimensional direction stick pressure flames, the fire extinguishing efficiency is increased by 10 times, the water consumption is only 1/10, eliminate water stains pollution. Fire the use of foam liquid, there is a short guarantee period, anti-corrosion to become the world's problems. Technology to create new existing mixed components, in any case, anywhere system to take a fresh bubble in one fell swoop solve world problems, to achieve a "fast, accurate, economic".

It is understood that this "solid foam "fire extinguishing installations are developed to knapsack type and hand-push type, completely changed the large-scale equipment to a slow start, difficult to move the shortcomings, suitable for a variety of environments to be used flexibly, and no environmental pollution. Actual used by the National Fire Protection Inspection and Testing Center and troops, and confirmed that its fast response and high extinguishing efficiency can be repeated filling, safe, reliable, winning glory for China in the field of world security lifesavings.

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