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The New Application of LED Light On The Modern Vehicles

LED lights are one car lights that are using LED (light emitting diode) light as source lights. The LED is high brightness, color variety, low-power, long life, so LED are widely used in the automotive field now.

External light types of the automotive

Common external automotive lights are headlights, fog lights, license plate lights, reversing lights, brake lights, turn signal indicator light, marker lights, parking lights, Warning lights and the daytime running light.Until now Led lights have be used on fog lights, license plate lights, reversing lights, brake lights, turn signal indicator light, marker lights, and daytime running light

(1)Fog lights are installed at the front and rear of vehicle. In the case of fog, snow, rain or dust diffuse weather, fog lights can improve the lighting sight of the front road.The LED front fog lamps is power of 3-5W, light color is orange yellow. The power of rear fog lamp is 3W or 5W, light color is red, it warns the behind cars to keep a safe distance.

(2)LED license plate lights are installed at the above of the car rear license or both side of right and left sides of the rear. They are used to light the rear license, power is generally 1-2W, and to ensure that pedestrian can see the words and figures of car rear license behind 20 meters.

(3)LED reversing lights are installed in the rear of the car, when the transmission is at reverse gear, LED reversing lights are automatic illuminated and light the rear of car, at the same time, they warn behind vehicles and pedestrians to pay attention.The power is generally 2-5W, light color is white.

(4)Brake lights commonly are known as LED brake lights, they are installed in the rear of the car. When we step on the brake , it will give out strong red light to give a sign that people are using brake.Power is of 2-5W, light color is red.

(5)LED turn lights- the main turn signal is usually installed at the font and rear of the cars, they are on the both side of left and right side of the cars. They are used to instruct the driving direction of vehicle. The main turn signal power is generally 1-3W; side turn signal is 2W, light color for the stray color.

(6)LED position lamps are installed front, back and side of the cars. When driving at night and turning on the headlamp, at the same time indicator lights, instrument lights and license plate lamp are lighting, it marks the shape and position of the vehicle. The general power is 0.5W-2W, the color of the front position lamps is white or yellow, light color of rear position lamps is red, lateral light color of amber.

(7)LED outline marker lamps mark the vehicle contour; the power of outline marker lamps is generally 3W.

(8)The LED daytime are installed at the front of the car to drive at daytime, it help people to easily see the vehicle at daytime. Its efficacy is not to make the driver can see the road; it let people know the position of the car. This lamp is not for driving, it is a signal light for pedestrian. Of course, the installation of daytime running lights can make the car look cooler, more energetic, but the best effectiveness of daytime running lights is not for beautiful shape, but to provide the good identifiably of the vehicle for people. In 2011, Europe enforce vehicles to use daytime running lights, LED will be more widely used in automobiles.

LED lights directly change electrical energy into light energy by the light-emitting diodes.Compared with ordinary automotive light bulb, LED lights consumes only 1/10 electrical emerge of the traditional lamp, and it is better to save fuel consumption, It can help car circuit protection not to be burned by excessive load current.

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