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Domestic marine propeller process technology break through, to sail in silence

To make it work in silence,to sail in grace,has ever been a great dream of Chinese scientists.Now with the successful independent developed "propeller milling machine with heavy seven-axis and five linkage car" come into being,this dream has come true.

On April,2012,Propeller milling machine with heavy seven-axis and five linkage car,was approved to be a great success in Jiangsu.It is learned that the product can be used for carry out processing propeller blade foliar overlap and without overlap area,shapes and propeller hub hole,comprehensive precision milling processing.As well as use the characteristics of composite car,greatly improving the overall propeller type surface machining precision and processing efficiency,solve the problem of processing large overall propeller,can promote the large ship manufacturing capacity.

Experts suggests,this achievement has improved our technic and competitiveness in world stage,broken limitations to the simulars from western countries which depends on import and led us to international level.Owing to the advantages in economical efficiency,national security,environmental friendly,as well as market demand,the products and technology are to be widely developed in different fields.

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