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The Advantage of Welding Type Lifting Sheaves

The way of casting is the traditional way to manufacture the lifting sheaves. But compare to the new tech skills, we found the way of manufacture the sheaves by welding has more advantage at many facts. Following details is the comparison.

Casting Type Sheaves

1.Less safety

Because of the casting way of production, there will be many air bubbles; pinholes in the sheave body, this is unavoidable! And this will make the sheaves trength and toughness not good enough. If the sheaves are overload, they are easily cracked during taking high pressure. And this is extremely dangerous.

2.Too heavy

The casting sheaves are usually too heavy; this will make the installing; replacing work become very hard. At the same time, the heavier sheaves will increase the load of the crane. Also, too heavy means more materials. It will increase the cost too.

3.Short servicing life

As the strength; toughness of the casting sheaves is not good enough, its servicing life must be short; this has proved in the market.

4.Long production schedule

The casting sheaves production schedule is very long, for 200 pcs need at least two months, even more.

5.Less environmental producing process

This is why the casting way of making the sheaves dying out in this industry. The casting production process makes a lot of waste; badly effected the environment.

Welding Type Sheaves

1.More safety

Because of the welding of the high tensile steel plates, the toughness of our sheaves is good. That means even is the sheaves are over load sometimes, the sheaves will not be cracked immediately but just bend; out of shape. This is much safe than the casting one in dangerous situation.

2.More light

The Steel Plates Sheaves are usually lighter than the casting one. Then, the installing; replacing work will be easier. At the same time, the lighter sheaves can reduce the crane s load. Also, as less martial use, it means the cost has reduced too.

3.Long servicing life

As the strength and toughness of the Steel Plate sheaves are excellent, their servicing life can be much longer than the casting one.

4.Short production schedule

As the welding type sheaves raw material is cut by NC cutting, and automatic welding. It will make the producing schedule shorter. AT the same time, the accuracy is high and quality is good.

5.More environmental producing process

As this type of sheaves are made of the welding steel plate. There is no harm to the environment. This is why our government strongly recommends.

From above compare we can see the plate welded type is much better than the casting one. And this has been approved by the market.

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