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Chongqing Lange Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
Address:No.65 North Jianxin Road,Jiangbei District,Chongqing,CH400020,China
Skype Call:
1. You must be on Skype, click on the icons, and then you can enter our telephone system.
2. You can dial the extension and be transferred by our telephone system.
3. Our calls are free.
In order to prevent E-mail fraud,we declare the E-mail instructions used in the business.We have our own separate and security
E-mail system.We stipulate that our employees must use our domain E-mail to send and receive the official E-mail.Our E-mail
domain name is "".Anyone who claims to be our employee by email without our domain name is untrusted.
You should ignore him for your information security.We will appreciate it if you forward such E-mails to us.