About Lange

Chongqing Lange Machinery Group Co., Ltd., also known as Lange Machinery Group (Code: LGMG) is a specialized enterprise group headquartered in China, possessing of two professional groups specializing in the automobile and marine industries respectively. The group is focusing on the design, research and development, and manufacturing activities in the two industries, and is a worldwide systems integrator and supplier of automobile and marine industries. Based on the sustainable development and the maximizing efficiency of management, Lange Machinery Group has emerged as one of the world's finest globalization enterprise.

The name of Lange was born from the Economic Theory -The Lange Mode, proposed by Oskar R. Lange in 1936. The Lange theory emphasizes the idea of Efficiency in Resource Allocation.

Since its inception in 1980, Lange Machinery Group insists on the "Efficiency in Resource Allocation" in china. Established our enterprise core with Lange's brand, and establish standing on Chinese producing base and facing the global market. And based on auto parts and Marine equipments with professional advantage, we have already formed as an enterprise group with core competitiveness with manners as joint, restructuring and merger, in order to achieve the advancing of technology, quality and service.

In order to meet the different needs of our customers and to provide professional integration services to them, The organizational structure of Lange Machinery Group adopt super division system which centered by computer working system. This enhanced coordination with working groups and is beneficial for researching and developing new product to meet different needs of our customers.

Professional, technical, quality is our life. Lange Machinery Group always upholds the core value of "Technology creates value, quality expands market, profession casts brand". We are enhancing our technology ceaselessly to provide efficient, convenient and accurate full services to our customers. We have established good reputation in Asia, Europe, South America, North America and Australia, the rest of the world.

Nowadays, Lange Machinery Group has developed a school of our own in automobile and marine industry, and has been growing strongly in the fierce global competition with our professional teams.

As for our clients throughout the world, Lange Machinery Group remains a powerful, reliable, effective cooperative partner. The cooperation with Lange Machinery Group will be an enjoyable experience.